When it comes to wedding attire, the bridal veil is an iconic accessory that really makes you feel…. well, like a bride.

Veils come in various styles, lengths, and embellishments, allowing brides to choose the perfect one to complement their wedding gown and personal style.


Simple Cathedral Veil

The style is universally flattering because of its simple designs and raw edges. This style is popular for formal weddings and traditional ceremonies held in large venues such as cathedrals or ballrooms.

Lace Fingertip Veil

The fingertip veil is exactly what its name implies. It extends all the way to the bride’s fingers when she extends her arms. It is popular for its versatility and practicality. This style complements many gown silhouettes, and can be worn for formal or semi-formal ceremonies.

Blusher Wedding Veil

The blusher veil covers the bride’s entire face. It is traditionally lifted by the groom, or father of the bride, during the ceremony to symbolize the bride’s transition from single life into married life. Blusher veils are available in any length.

Mantilla Bridal Veil

The mantilla veil, which originated in Spain, is distinguished by the lace border around the bride’s shoulders and face. This style has a romantic and classic charm that makes it a favorite among brides who want to add an old-world touch to their outfit. Mantillas are usually secured by a comb, or pin. This allows them to flow gracefully.

The perfect veil can make or break a bride’s wedding vision. Each style has its own beauty and charm. Brides can choose the style that best suits their wedding vision and personal style. There’s a style for every bride, whether it’s a regal cathedral veil or a romantic mantilla.

The right veil transforms a stunning gown into an unforgettable bridal ensemble.

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