It’s official, Flothemes is closing its doors.

In the website design landscape, Flothemes had carved out a niche for itself. Known for its elegant WordPress templates and user-friendly interface, Flothemes was a go-to choice for photographers, creatives, and small businesses.

However, all good things come to an end, and following its acquisition by Showit, Flothemes has announced they are to withdraw support and functionality from their service from September / October this year. This leaves Flothemes site owners with no choice but to look for an alternative (less they run the risk of their site suffering a critical outage with no way to fix).

Reasons to Migrate Away from Flothemes

Flothemes site owners should seriously consider seeking an alternative now, there are inherent risks associated with continuing to use their platform, especially in light of their withdrawal of support:

  • Lack of Updates and Security Patches: With Flothemes discontinuing support, users won’t receive critical updates, bug fixes, or security patches. This leaves their websites vulnerable to potential security breaches and compatibility issues.
  • Stagnant Features: Without ongoing support, Flothemes’ features may become outdated. As web design trends evolve, site owners risk falling behind in terms of functionality and user experience. Users will not be able to update WordPress core, for example.
  • Technical Glitches and Compatibility: Over time, Flothemes’ templates are likely to encounter technical glitches or compatibility problems with newer browsers, devices, or plugins. Without support, resolving these issues becomes impossible.
  • SEO Impact: Search engine optimization (SEO) relies on up-to-date code, responsive design, and fast loading times. Flothemes’ lack of support could negatively affect SEO rankings, leading to reduced visibility and traffic.

Continuing with Flothemes without support exposes site owners to security risks, outdated features, and potential SEO setbacks. Exploring alternative platforms that offer better support, customization, and modern features is a prudent step for those seeking long-term success for their websites.

The Best Alternative Option: A Professional Website from

Consider exploring professional website services like, which offer tailored solutions specifically designed for photographers and creatives.

This service empowers photography businesses to showcase their work effectively, enhance their professional image, attract more clients, and boost sales. The websites created by WeddingPhotographerSites are high-performance, fully responsive, and feature professional galleries, portfolios, blog templates, contact pages, and various home page layouts.

Unlike restrictive DIY platforms, WeddingPhotographerSites builds sites on WordPress ensuring photographers truly own their websites and are not tied to monthly platform fees or at risk of losing their sites if the platform ceases operations, as was the case with Flothemes.

Pricing options for WeddingPhotographerSites offers three distinct pricing options to cater to the needs of professional photographers:

  1. Flothemes Migration Plan (£995):
    • Seamlessly migrate your existing Flothemes website to
    • Expertly transfer your content while preserving your SEO.
    • Includes staging and launch services.
    • Ensures that all content and styling are maintained.
    • SMTP (email) setup for communication.
    • Premium photography theme not included but content will be recreated in default Kadence/Gutenberg blocks.
  2. Professional Site (£1395):
    • Create a custom site using WeddingPhotographerSites’ premium photography theme.
    • Unlimited revisions to tailor the site to your brand and style.
    • Inspiring home layout options.
    • Dreamy post templates and archives.
    • Versatile photo galleries and portfolios.
    • Embedded custom Instagram gallery.
    • Explainer videos and before/after calls.
    • 6 months of technical support and industry-leading hosting included.
  3. Enhanced Package (£1995):
    • Tailored to meet any specific requirements.
    • Includes all features from the Professional Plan.
    • Allows for any home layout you can imagine.

All plans come with a 28-day money-back guarantee or the option to migrate from Squarespace/Wix. WeddingPhotographerSites ensures that your website is pixel-perfect, responsive, and built on WordPress, empowering you to showcase your work effectively and attract new clients.

Wedding gifts go beyond tradition and goodwill. They represent our love, support, and joy for the newlyweds as they start their journey of marriage. Each gift carries the hopes and well wishes of friends and family, symbolizing excitement for their future together.

Choosing a cherished gift amidst countless options can be a delightful challenge. It requires considering the couple’s tastes, interests, and desires. From personalized keepsakes to practical items, the possibilities are endless.

Understanding the Art of Gifting

Gift-giving is not a mere exchange of objects; it is a sophisticated art form. It goes beyond the physical realm and becomes a profound means of communication, expressing deep emotions and forging profound connections. A truly exceptional gift possesses a remarkable power to touch hearts, evoke a multitude of emotions, and create everlasting memories.

The enchantment lies in personalization. A gift that is tailor-made for the recipient speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness and effort invested by the giver. It becomes a symbol of the unique bond shared between two individuals, elevating its significance and cherished value. With every personalized gift, a captivating story unfolds, weaving a beautiful tapestry of memories that will be treasured eternally.

Trends in Memorable Wedding Gifts

In recent years, there has been a noticeable transformation in wedding gifts. Gone are the days of conventional presents; couples now embrace unique, personalized, and truly memorable gifts. Customized artwork beautifully portrays their love story, from the initial encounter to the magical words, “I do.” Intimate cooking classes provide an opportunity for quality time and lasting memories in the kitchen. Couples also make a positive impact by sponsoring meaningful causes. This shift reflects their individuality and shared values, elevating the significance of their special day.

Religious Wedding Gifts

Religious gifts have stood the test of time as a timeless trend in wedding gifting. They hold deep spiritual significance, symbolizing divine love, blessings, and the sacred bond of matrimony for couples of faiths. These expressions of devotion contribute to the couple’s shared spiritual journey.

When it comes to religious gifts, the options are abundant and diverse. From religious scriptures to personalized jewelry engraved with sacred verses, there is something to suit every couple’s discerning taste. Each gift carries its own unique meaning, reflecting the couple’s beliefs.

Selecting the perfect religious gift requires thoughtful consideration. Understanding the couple’s religious beliefs, cultural traditions, and preferences is essential. These gifts enrich the couple’s spiritual journey and serve as a constant reminder of their faith-based commitment to each other. They symbolize a tangible connection to their shared beliefs, creating a lasting legacy of love, faith, and devotion.

How to Choose a Memorable Wedding Gift

When selecting a memorable wedding gift, consider the couple’s interests and hobbies. Do they enjoy cooking together or are they adventure enthusiasts? Maybe they love gardening. Understanding their preferences will help you choose a gift that resonates with them.

Also, consider your relationship with the couple. For close friends and family, opt for something sentimental or nostalgic, like a personalized photo album or custom-made artwork.

Think outside the box. A memorable gift doesn’t have to be extravagant. Be thoughtful and unique. Consider crafting a DIY gift or curating a themed gift basket tailored to their interests.

Remember, choose a wedding gift that comes from the heart and demonstrates your love and support for the couple on their special day.

Top Picks for Memorable Wedding Gifts

Personalized Star Map: This unique gift captures the alignment of stars at a specific time and location, such as the exact moment and place where the couple first met. It serves as a truly remarkable and sentimental keepsake, forever reminding them of the special connection they share.

Cooking Class for Two: If the couple has a love for culinary adventures, this experience is an absolute delight. They will embark on a gastronomic journey, learning not only new recipes but also various cooking techniques from professional chefs. As they explore the delectable world of cuisine together, they will create lasting memories and strengthen their bond through the joy of food.

Customized Travel Map: For couples with a passion for wanderlust, this gift is a dream come true. They can mark every cherished place they’ve explored together on a beautifully designed map. Whether it’s a breathtaking beach, a vibrant city, or a hidden gem in the countryside, this personalized travel map will serve as a visual representation of their incredible adventures and ignite their wanderlust for future journeys.

The Impact of a Memorable Wedding Gift

A memorable wedding gift does more than just commemorate a special day; it becomes a cherished symbol of love and celebration. It serves as a constant reminder of the giver’s affection, thoughtfulness, and the joyous occasion shared. Such heartfelt tokens have the power to strengthen bonds and deepen relationships, creating lasting memories that stand the test of time. Countless stories abound of couples who still treasure a particular wedding gift years after their big day, not only for its material value but also for the profound emotional connection it holds.


Choose an unforgettable wedding gift that leaves a lasting impression. Find something extraordinary that reflects their unique personalities and journey together. Explore the art of gifting and captivate their hearts. Consider their passions, interests, and dreams as you quest for the perfect gift. It could be a carefully crafted piece of art symbolizing their love story, a personalized keepsake capturing a cherished memory, or an experience they can enjoy together, creating new memories. Let your gift be a testament to the incredible love and joy surrounding their special day.

A sister wife is a woman who lives with a polygamist husband. This marriage is often associated with religious values.

The reality show, Sister Wives, follows Kody Brown and his four wives as they try to live a normal life while embracing their family’s polygamist lifestyle. The series airs on TLC and documents the rarely seen world of a polygamist family.


Polygamy is the practice of marrying more than one spouse at a time. Depending on the religion and region, it can be called polygyny (in which multiple wives share a husband) or polyandry (in which co-husbands share a wife).

While polygamy is illegal in most parts of the world, it still occurs around the globe for a variety of reasons. Some people believe that it will help them enter heaven; others think it will increase their family dynamics; and some believe it’s an effective way to spread their religion.

Regardless of the reason, polygamy has many negative effects on women. This is because it can create a power imbalance between the men and women in a relationship. It can also be harmful to the children, who may end up with a different mother than their own.

Some people think that polygamy is just a bad idea and it should be banned. The United Nations Human Rights Committee has said that polygamy “violates the dignity of women,” and it should be abolished wherever it is allowed to exist.

A sister wife is a woman in a polygamous relationship who shares a home with another woman. They do not have a legal marriage with her, but they see themselves as married to her in the eyes of their god, their families, and their community.

When you’re in a polygamous relationship, it is important to be honest with your partner about your feelings. Having a supportive partner will make you feel stronger and happier.

It is also important to seek out professional counseling if you’re experiencing any issues in your polygamous relationship. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp can help you get the support you need discreetly and nonjudgmentally.


Polyamory is a term that refers to multiple relationships with multiple partners. It has become more popular in recent years as it allows people to have relationships with a variety of individuals who are also interested in having a relationship.

It is an open and accepting lifestyle that many people find more rewarding than traditional monogamous relationships. If you are interested in becoming polyamorous, it is important to consider your lifestyle and your relationship goals before beginning.

Several types of polyamorous relationships exist, including solo polyamory, parallel polyamory, and relationship anarchy. These relationships are typically characterized by one or more primary partners, as well as secondary and tertiary partners.

Relationship anarchy is a less-recognized type of polyamory, and it’s a form of consensual nonmonogamy that does not require a hierarchy or placing any one partner above another. It is an ideal way to practice polyamory without requiring a veto rule or limiting your sexual options.

However, consensual nonmonogamy can still be difficult to maintain if you have mismatched sexual desires or lack a high libido. Generally, people who are interested in this type of relationship are open to trying new things and have a passion for relationships.

According to Dillon, one of the most important aspects of polyamory is communication. “It is crucial that you be able to talk about the relationship with your partner in an honest and vulnerable way,” she says. This can help ensure that both parties are on the same page and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or arguments.

Some polyamorous partners may want to use a safer-sex agreement, which is a conversation about who has sex with whom and how it is shared. This can be a great way to protect yourself from STIs, but it can also be an opportunity for partners to get to know each other better.

Finding a Sister Wife

In polygamy, a sister wife is one of several women married to the same man. The term sister wife was coined in the Mormon religion, though it has since spread to other polygamist groups and even non-religious polygamists.

Finding a sister wife can be a great experience if you are looking for a companion that can share your daily life and provide support. A sister wife will help you feel supported in your journey as you build a new family with your husband.

If you are thinking of becoming a sister wife, it is important to be honest about your expectations and how your relationship will work. This will help you to find a partner that is right for you.

There are many ways to find a sister wife, including online dating and community discussions. These are all great places to meet people with similar interests and experiences.

You can also join a supportive sister wife community to meet other sisters who are in a similar situation as you. You can share your stories, learn about other sisters, and talk about the challenges you may face in your polygamous relationship.

Once you have found a potential sister wife, you can begin the process of dating and making plans for a future together. You will likely have many questions and concerns, so it is important to have a strong support system to help you navigate these changes.

A popular TLC show, Seeking Sister Wife, follows four plural families in different phases of seeking, dating or transitioning a sister wife into their lives. Throughout the three seasons of the show, viewers have been riveted by the drama that surrounds these unique families.

Supportive Community

A sister wife is a woman who lives with several partners at once. It’s a unique way to live and can be quite exciting. It’s also an empowering experience.

It’s a new lifestyle that you have to get used to, but if you’re ready for it it can be the best decision of your life. You’ll find yourself living with someone who shares your values, has similar goals and can be your biggest supporter.

You’ll also be living with a group of other women who share your interests. You’ll be able to talk about anything and everything with them. This is a big change from living with just one partner and the supportive community is a huge help when you’re starting out.

The most important thing to remember about being a sister wife is that you need to be honest with yourself. If you’re not open about your needs and desires it can be hard to meet people who are compatible. Taking a good look at yourself will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can build a strong foundation for your polygamous relationship.

If you’re considering a sisterwife or polygamy in general there are many online communities for you to join. These will give you a chance to connect with others who have experienced the same things as you and can offer advice on how to make your polygamy journey successful.

The TLC reality show Sister Wives features Kody Brown, a polygamist dad to more than two dozen children with Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Although he and his wife have distanced themselves from the controversial FLDS religious sect, the show does a good job of highlighting some of the social issues faced by polygamists.

Be Honest

If you’re thinking of becoming a sister wife, it is important to be honest about your decision. This will help you find the right people to join your new family and give yourself the chance of finding true love. While being a sister wife can seem like an amazing experience, it’s not without its difficulties.

One of the biggest hurdles that sister wives face is jealousy. Many women coming from monogamy have a hard time opening themselves up to other women because they don’t want to be hurt. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and open with someone, especially when they might be able to take advantage of you in the future.

Being honest will also help you stay focused on what’s most important and will make it easier to find someone who shares your values. It will also help you stay happy and healthy in the long run since you’ll have someone to turn to when things are tough.

If you’re looking for a supportive community, there are many online forums that specialize in polygamy dating. These communities can help you feel connected to other sister wives and can help you discuss your experiences and expectations freely. Having a supportive network is critical to success in polygamy dating. You will have to work at it and put in a lot of effort but with the right attitude, it is possible to find love and happiness as a sister wife.

In this digital era, you probably have easy access to take hundreds of pictures without wasting the film. And out of those hundreds, there might be a handful of them you find worth saving, sharing, or gifting. But what about printing? In this busy schedule of life, some people might forget to print the pictures, and even the best ones are ever taken. This does not only mean we are not doing right to these photos; in fact, forgetting how tangible moments can be once you hold a picture.

Here are some reasons to consider why you should print your favourite photos

Digital files can deteriorate over time

most of the people are unaware that the quality of digital files like JPEG files may deteriorate or degrade over time. And not only that, the quality gets a little bit degraded every time you open a photo, edit or save them. But with high-quality printed pictures, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just find a good photo lab that does their job carefully and perfectly, and don’t forget to ask about their photo finishing services. Want to learn how photofinishing happens? Visit the online site of photo finishing services in Iowa.

Albums are valuable memory keepers

Photo albums are generally taken as bonding tools that are preserved for years, decades, and by the next generations. They are the memories that one can cherish forever; if you feel like it’s time to take the pictures out of the digital world and make them tangible, find an excellent good lab that offers high-quality photo-finishing services Iowa, while you are there.