November 2022

Having a wedding planner to guide you is always ideal for anyone planning a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding. Compared to doing things yourself, you can relax knowing that you have someone you can trust. If you plan to coordinate wedding planning services, here are the top qualities that your planner should possess.

1. Patience and willingness

There are many couples out there who love trying fun ideas. A wedding planner should be able to think outside the box and must fit your needs. They should consider your ideas when planning the wedding.

2. Flexible enough

When hiring a wedding planner in Singapore, they must be adaptable and creative when presenting you with other possibilities. They should be flexible enough to meet your demands and provide alternatives.

3. Know how to budget

A skilled wedding planner should be able to provide you with a list of plans that works with your financial constraints. Having the wedding of your dreams is possible because of their ability to manage your money correctly to make sure that you can have affordable options.

4. Trustworthy

Before you contact a planner for wedding planning services, they should be trustworthy enough to handle your wedding. They must offer an actual day wedding package that will give you peace of mind.

5. Well-versed in wedding matters

Your wedding planner will benefit from a good working relationship with you. They should be able to provide help and assistance regarding vows, ideas, concepts and matters about the wedding.

6. Excellent organisational skills

It should go without saying that your wedding planner in Singapore must have excellent attention to detail. Ensure that you hire wedding planning services who can take over and let you enjoy the assurance that everything will go according to plan.

7. Knows how to communicate

Your wedding planner should know how to listen and communicate with you. They should be willing to adjust their plans for your preferences. Look for these qualities and choose a wedding planner in Singapore that you can trust! Consider the services and packages of Beautiful Gatherings. Contact them today!

There are more than 60 different types of photography, in this article we will only describe the most common ones. Here is a brief explanation of the 5 most common photography styles along with their respective resource hub.

  1. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is undoubtedly the most popular photography style period. We can easily find it on anyone’s social media profile pictures or the driver’s license photo.

Everyone in any setting can be the subject of portrait photography; ranging from your family at home, friends in school, co-workers in the office, and even yourself. You can click your subject either posed, candid, or close-ups. Even though this style looks super simple to do, some photographers struggle to shoot a decent one.

The most common reason is they cannot make the subject feel comfortable posing in front of the camera. As a result, the subject looks awkward and Unnatural.

When shooting a portrait, always keep in mind that your subject is an ordinary human with a set of emotions and thoughts. Try to interact with them in the most relaxed way to make them feel confident and show their true self.

  1. Headshot Photography

Headshot photography focuses on the main subject, starting from their head to shoulders, with their preferred scene as a backdrop.

Everyone is always in need of a high-quality headshot photo, whether for personal or professional reasons, so if you can master your headshot photography technique, you can make a good living as a photographer from Elopements in Maui as a wedding photographer or any other for that matter.

  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography photos are the ones you see in a fashion magazine or online shop. This photography style has one sole purpose: making every fashion item aesthetically pleasing and appealing to its customers. Furthermore, lure them to buy those items.

Fashion photographers should master a portrait photographer’s techniques, possess lots of creative ideas in the back of their heads, and love to collaborate with stylists, creative directors, models, and other crew members.

  1. Food Photography

The main goal of food photography is to promote the products and entice conshmers to buy them. No matter how small or big the scale is, every food and beverage business will require this type of photography.

You will need a ton of money to build a career in this industry as professional food photography needs a studio and other special equipment. It means that this industry is very promising, especially in the age of the internet, just like nowadays.

  1. Editorial Photography

Editorial photography commonly used in magazines or newspapers. This style refers to every photo that sits alongside text. The photo makes the reader understand in depth about the description of events, places, or stories that the writer tries to tell.

If you want to be an editorial photographer, you need a deep savvy of the subject, composition, and advanced technique. As a photographer, you should have a high sensitivity to know which angle or subject best reflects the story that a writer writes.

Have you finally decided to tie the knot and get down on bended knee soon? First of all, congratulations! Finding the perfect place, choosing the best ring, and memorising your piece can be a huge undertaking. Not to mention, the entire beach proposal planning can get challenging without a wedding proposal planner in Singapore.

So, if your plan is to get down on your knee in the sand, consider hiring a planner and use this fool-proof proposal checklist!


Having a proposal planner in Singapore by your side can surely calm your nerves and help you plan a smooth proposal experience. But whether you enlist the help of a professional proposal planner or all alone, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Before setting up, scout the area and look for the best spot with an aesthetic background for photos. You may also consider choosing a coast with sentimental meaning to you and your partner.


Whether you want a fancy dinner, a simpler one, dreamy venues, or the like, make sure to give the place a good, romantic setup. Add balloon decorations or arches, an abundance of flowers or flower arrangements, lights, and a backdrop. Position your dessert tables in Singapore. Complete with vintage goblets, a bottle of champagne, and a charcuterie board.


Plotting where you will pop the big question and kneel down will always be a good idea.


A proposal package in Singapore typically includes a photographer and videographer. If you’re planning it all alone, be sure to hire one to capture the moment. You can reminisce about the proposal day with your fiancé through these photos.


As soon as you decide on the big day, consider asking your proposal planner in Singapore to check the weather for any high winds, heavy downpours, impending storms, or uncomfortable temperatures on your targeted big day. Doing so can help you prepare for any inconvenience.

While restaurants are the go-to proposal setting, there is something about beaches that is inherently romantic. It can be the sound of waves kissing the shore, how the sea mist caresses your skin, or the front row seats to swoon-worthy sunsets. Plus, it offers much space for your proposal planner in Singapore to work with and make the perfect proposal setup.

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